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Alabama Death Records

Before 1881 #

No deaths were recorded by government agencies. See Substitute Records below. Also see
Alabama, United States – Death – 1702-1816,
Alabama, United States – Death – 1817-1849 and
Alabama, United States – Death – 1850-1899

1881 to 1908 #

Starting in 1881, the State of Alabama required individual counties to register deaths. Because most counties were slow to comply, not all deaths were recorded. In addition, many records from this time period are missing or were destroyed.

FamilySearch has a partial index of Deaths and Burials, 1881-1952. Background information (including county names and number of records indexed)  is available here.

To obtain copies of death records from this time period, contact the County Court where the death occurred.

To access microfilmed copies of county marriage records for some Alabama Counties do a “Place-name Search” of the FamilySearch Catalog for the appropriate county name in the folllowing format: “Alabama, <county name>”.  

January 1908 – Present #

Starting in January of 1908, Alabama State Law required the registration of all deaths occuring within the state of Alabama. Copies of death certificates were filed with the Alabama Center for Health Statistics. Information found on a death certificate is reported by an informant (usually a relative) and may or may not be accurate.

FamilySearch provides an index to death certificates from the state of Alabama, 1908-1974.

To obtain copies of original death records, contact the Alabama Department of Public Health.
Also see Alabama, United States – Death – 1900-Present.

Fetal Deaths #

Only parents may request a copy of a “Certificate of Birth Resulting in Stillbirth.” A “Fetal Death Report” is a statistical report and no certified copies are issued. However, for a period of two years after the event, a non-certified copy may be requested by the parent.

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